The mission of the Humboldt Science and Mathematics Center is to enhance science and mathematics education opportunities in California. Chartered in 2005, the Center offers programs and professional support for future teachers as well as practicing professionals. 

Recent News

  • AB 130 – new pathways to STEM teaching.

Graduates from the following Humboldt majors no longer are required to take and pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers to be qualified for a single subject credential program in the following areas:

MATHEMATICS Single Subject Credential

                Mathematics (any option) B.A.

 LIFE SCIENCE single subject credential

                Biology (any option) B.S.

                Fisheries Biology B.S.


                Physical Science B.A.

Physics B.S.


                Geology, Geoscience Concentration B.A.


  • The Cal Poly Humboldt Natural History Museum has a new home. Learn more on the Museum website.



Mathematics and Science Teaching Initiative

The primary mission of Mathematics and Science Teaching Initiative (MSTI) is to enhance the mathematics and science teaching professions through recruitment and training of individuals with strong mathematics and science backgrounds and enthusiastic dispositions entering the teaching profession. Related activities also include professional development opportunities for practicing teachers.


Redwood Science Project

The Humboldt Science & Mathematics Center is home of the Redwood Science Project, a member of the California Science Proejct Network.

Cal Poly Humboldt School of Education:

To learn about becoming a teacher, and other educational programs in the School of Education, see their website. There is also general information about getting your single subject teaching credential.